The Client

Cubsta is an in-house project undertaken by Websites ‘N’ More in collaboration with Select Field, another leading digital agency based in Sydney.

The Job

The project involved developing a childcare management software that allowed daycare centres to manage their operations and communicate with parents using one simple software.

In 2017, after a first-hand experience with a leading daycare provider in Sydney, Divij, (Director of Websites ‘N’ More) realised that the daycare Industry relied heavily on paper based processes for compliance purposes and also to communicate with parents. While there were software solutions available in the marketplace, they concentrated on automating a single function rather than the entire operations of a childcare.

After undertaking research and planning for about 6 months we started work on Cubsta with the aim of creating feature-rich software that allowed daycares to manage their entire operations using an all-in-one integrated solution.

This allows for better efficiencies to be achieved within the childcare sector.

The Result

In late 2018 we launched Cubsta as a minimum viable product (M.V.P.) and are continuously working towards improving the service offering by developing additional features and by refining the current features.