The Client

HelloLuxx is a Sydney based company involved in developing and distributing professional training courses for the visual effects and motion graphics Industry.

The Job

The client got in touch with our team of developers because of a recent security breach on their WordPress Installation due to use of out-dated software. Other than this, there were a number of issues within the setup that were causing breakages and affecting the revenues from the digital store.

There were a number of tasks that needed to be undertaken in order to fix the breakages, these included;

  • Undertake a system study to understand the overall setup.
  • Upgrading the server version.
  • Updating the core software for WordPress.
  • Updating all the plugins including the custom coded plugins that enabled the store to sell digital products. This included fixing Sales reports, Taxation issues etc.
  • Upgrading Jigoshop.
  • Re-integrating Paypal as the Payment gateway.
  • Testing the whole system prior to deploying it on the production server.

The Result

1 month and after exchanging 70 emails, our web developers had the store functioning smoothly, without any issues whatsoever.

Client’s Feedback

“Thank you for your effort thus far. The store is up and running the way it was meant to originally, without any breakages. You guys are awesome!”