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Coding is what gives life to a static design. Using technologies such as HTML, CSS, Java Script, and jQuery front end web developers create interfaces that are interactive thus allowing for actions to be performed. On the other side are backend web developers who work on the server side creating systems, applications and databases using technologies such as PHP, .NET, and SQL.

At Websites ‘N’ More, a leading web development company in Sydney, we have a dedicated team of front-end and back-end web developers who can help you bring your ideas to life online. We have worked on a vast number of web development projects that include anything from simple informational websites or eCommerce stores to custom built web applications.

Working with PHP based open source technologies such as WordPress, Joomla! and Magento or custom built content management systems, our web developers work in a systematic manner to build systems that are easily manageable, scalable and maintainable.

Some of the key elements we focus on during a web development project

Clean Coding

The foundation of any good system is the way its code is written. We focus on writing code that is easily readable and maintainable by others. Using modules while building different functions of a system, creating documentation and testing at various stages during the development phase ensure that the standards of coding are maintained during all our projects. Following this methodology results in systems that are easily understandable and thus easily maintainable.


The concept of usability is apt not only for the front end but also the back end. The administrator of a system needs to perform system related tasks day in and day out, keeping this in mind we strive to create a backend that is easily usable and allows the administrator to perform actions seamlessly.

Performance & Scalability

While choosing an open-source platform as the backend or while creating a custom CMS, scalability is one of the most important factors that we like to consider. The web development team at Websites ‘N’ More tries to understand the client’s current needs as well as future needs before offering a solution. Scalability can mean adding new functionality, the ability to handle more users or transactions, all without affecting the performance of the system.

Easy Integration

The backend should allow for easy integration with other softwares or technologies that a business uses. This could mean integrating the businesses inventory software or order tracking system to better control the overall operations. Working with ready solutions or writing custom codes in order to make systems talk to each other is something our web development team specialises in.

System Security

Building systems that are stable and secure is of paramount importance to our web development team. We focus on protecting systems against Injection attacks, Distributed Denial of Service attacks, Brute Force attacks and Cross Scripting attacks.

Some of the steps we take to minimise the risk of security threats to web systems include using secure and reliable content management systems & hosting services, hardening CMS installations, regularly updating the various softwares and components of the CMS and the server and running regular security scans on the system to identify vulnerabilities to undertake corrective action.

Modular and Customisable

Our web development team focuses on creating modular systems from an architectural point of view because we understand that systems change overtime and having a modular system means working on changes is easier

Web Development FAQ’s

What Coding or Scripting Language do your Web Developers work with?

Our development team is experienced with using the PHP scripting language.

What Content Management Systems (CMS) do you use for your Web Development projects?

Our web developers can work with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Moodle & osCommerce.

Do you develop custom Content Management Systems using frameworks?

Yes we do. Our team of web developers can work with the following frameworks- Codeigniter, Yii, Cake PHP, Custom MVC.

Interested in having a chat to one of our developers about your web development project? Get in touch with our web development team at our Sydney office to discuss your project requirements.